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Our Products

Here is a list of products and services that we provide


This is a software product for supporting Micro-Banks, SACCO, MFI and SHG operations.FinE-Xtreme is a highly configurable computer application for the Management and Execution of Business Processes. It combines Financial Management and Accounting, Production Management and Customer Relationship Management. FinE-Xtreme is fully developed and owned by local Kenyans who are well aware of the Business process and challenges of the Kenyan and International SACCO market, MFIs and banks.

ATM Bridge solutions

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Services.

Using our ATM Solutions, your clients can withdraw funds from their SACCO,MFI or Bank accounts from any VISA Electron- or MasterCard- branded ATM in the world as the case may be. Locally, our VISA solutions are authorized and approved by the Co-operative Bank of Kenya, while the MasterCard authorization is through PesaPoint Limited.

Besides accessing their funds, clients can also use their ATM cards as regular Debit Cards to pay for their products in Supermarkets, Restaurants all business establishments where a regular Debit Card is accepted.Our ATM solution is among the best-rated in the country and is not only used by FinE-Xtreme but also by other solutions provided by other vendors.

SMS Bridge Solution


The module enables connectivity between FinXtreme SACCO software and the SACCO members’ mobile phone dedicated enquiries giving selected details of their accounts particulars both in back and front office.

These functionalities include:
Individual Fosa Account Balance
Individual Bosa Account Balance Enquiry
Enquiry of Loan Application Status
Salary Credit Notifications
Other non cash functions


Balance Inquiry
Salary Credit Alert
Cheque Maturity Alert
Loan Credit Alert
Guarantor Notification Alert
Rejected Loan Alert
ATM Card Collection Alert
Utility Payment
Deposits/Shares Payment
Loans And Advances Payment
Deposit To Savings Account
Bulk Customized Messages to Members e.g Annual Delegates Meeting
Delinquency Loan Alerts


Maintenance of Staff Payroll
Payroll Calculation
Leave and other HR related Maintenance modules
Monthly Reports e.g. pay slips, statutory deductions, etc.
Annual Reports e.g. P9, P10, P10a Tax Reports, etc.


Transfer funds to and from MPESA,ZAP, Yu-cash and other mobile services

Perform balance enquiry

Receive account status information

Make instant loan applications

Make utility bill payments e.g. payment of electricity and water bills

Receive SMS alerts for special events e.g. guarantor notification


In today’s changing environment, Sacco organisations globally are faced with conflicting challenges; to reduce costs while offering improved Sacco services to member's that expect better and better services. Most Sacco organisations operate using either manual paper based processed or a mix of different technologies and systems that have been developed over a long period of time.
Sacco’s therefore need to be able to transform the way they deliver and manage Sacco services by providing innovative solutions based on modern, intuitive, integrated and internet enabled technologies such as, through wireless, mobile, internet or local area connections using the most appropriate access device ( PC, laptop, Tablet PC, PDA, phone). Any solution offered need to exploit the opportunities offered by the latest technological advances to fulfil the urgent needs of Sacco organisations.
Our Web interface employs a robust strategy as outlined in the diagram.


Offsite backup, which is also known as remote backup, is the process of backing up important computer data and files to a server or other storage device located in a separate physical location.
In our quest to address risk management, we discovered the need to house clients’ data offsite in effort to minimize/eliminate data loss as result of fire, theft, etc.


The project is to enable connectivity between Back end Sacco software and the value added products facilitated by various financial technology providers.

The POS,SMS & Extreme Connect Banking module has been fully developed and certified.

The project enables a Sacco that is running a computerized back end system to have its members be able to withdraw and deposit from there FOSA accounts through Mpesa, Airtel, YU, etc product.

It also enables members to perform queries through SMS and to receive notices through system activated SMS alerts.

 About Us

About Us

We are an outstanding ICT solutions provider for Sacco and MFI
In order to maintain sustainable operations. To attract and retain customers SACCOs have to provide suitable bouquet of services efficiently and cost effectively. Today, Kenyans are spoiled for choice with respect to products and service offering especially on the retail and SMEs front where commercial banks and microfinance banks maintain strong presence. This is where technology providers such as Lanstar Technologies have maintained a strategic and symbiotic relationship with its clients to ensure that they meet or exceed customer expectations. This has enabled major SACCO clients rebrand as they roll-out their products and services nationwide.


Lanstar Technologies Ltd is actively involved with other players in the market, with a view of promoting standards, integration and innovation. Some of our key partners include:

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