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To Provide our CLIENTS with world class information technology solutions so as to enable them unlock the potential in their respective businesses.

To envision a friendly automated world of simplicity and convenience by adapting world class ICT solutions.


Networking Solution

We always network our system keeping your business learning.

ATM Bridge solutions

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Services.

SMS Bridge Solution



Provides services like Balance Inquiry,Salary Credit Alert



FinE-Xtreme Sacco Software is the flagship software system from Lanstar Technologies Limited for supporting Micro-Banks, SACCO, MFI and SHG operations.FinE-Xtreme is a highly configurable computer application for the Management and Execution of Business Processes. It combines Financial Management and Accounting, Production Management and Customer Relationship Management. FinE-Xtreme is fully developed and owned by local Kenyans who are well aware of the Business process and challenges of the Kenyan and International SACCO market, MFIs and banks.
Lanstar Technologies have the necessary skills, experience and commitment to ensure that the system is implemented professionally and to the full expectations of our clients.

Modular Design

FinE-Xtreme ERP is modular in nature, meaning that it is made up of individual, self-contained components each designed specifically to service a particular need. No two businesses exactly identical. As such each of our clients will often have unique requirements that may be best met by combining different independent, yet inter-related modules. Some of the modules available include:

  • Accounting Management
  • Asset Management
  • Production Management
  • Purchases and Accounts Payable
  • Sales and Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll and Human Resource Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Stock and Inventory Management
  • Internet and Intranet Website interface
  • SMS Mobile Banking
  • SaccoLink and PesaPoint ATM IntegrationIntegration (ATM Solutions)
  • Coinage Analysis (Treasury Cash Management)

Why FinExteme?

Open Standards

FinE-Xtreme software makes use of open standards. By using open protocols you are insulated from vendor lock-in. This gives you ability to integrate to third party applications.


Our core systems programmers are highly qualified and skilled professionals with profound experience in excess of 20 years experience amongst them.


FinE-Xtreme SACCO Software is an on-line, real-time, multi-branch and fully integrated financial system that has been developed in collaboration with potential users drawn from different stake holders amongst them Government institutions, consultancy agencies banks and Savings and Credit Societies. Among it's salient features of FinE-Xtreme software are:

  • Used in many sites internationally
  • Easy and friendly to use
  • Online authorization of sensitive transactions
  • High-level system security with an elaborate Audit Trail
  • Fully menu-driven
  • High Scalability and Availability
  • Assorted standard and user generated reports including SASRA reports
  • Internationally made with proper understanding of different aspects of local challenges


  • Maintenance of Staff Payroll
  • Payroll Calculation
  • Leave and other HR related Maintenance modules
  • Monthly Reports e.g. pay slips, statutory deductions, etc.
  • Annual Reports e.g. P9, P10, P10a Tax Reports, etc.


Using our ATM Solutions, your clients can withdraw funds from their SACCO,MFI or Bank accounts from any VISA Electron- or MasterCard- branded ATM in the world as the case may be. Locally, our VISA solutions are authorized and approved by the Co-operative Bank of Kenya, while the MasterCard authorization is through PesaPoint Limited.

Besides accessing their funds, clients can also use their ATM cards as regular Debit Cards to pay for their products in Supermarkets, Restaurants all business establishments where a regular Debit Card is accepted.Our ATM solution is among the best-rated in the country and is not only used by FinE-Xtreme but also by other solutions provided by other vendors.


  • Balance Inquiry
  • Salary Credit Alert
  • Cheque Maturity Alert
  • Loan Credit Alert
  • Guarantor Notification Alert
  • Rejected Loan Alert
  • ATM Card Collection Alert
  • Utility Payment
    • Deposits/Shares Payment
    • Loans And Advances Payment
    • Deposit To Savings Account
  • Bulk Customized Messages to Members e.g Annual Delegates Meeting
  • Delinquency Loan Alerts


1. Reduce Operating Costs

Eliminate the need for costly call centers and customer service help desks by going mobile. Using a mobile platform such as SMS text messaging for simple and repetitive tasks such as reminders about payments due or balance requests can reduce the burden on IT and personnel resources. Using secure and integrated messaging platforms means that you can reduce the costs and errors associated with paper-based payments.

2. Reduce Risk for your institution

SMS mobile banking is cost-effective which lowers the financial risk involved in rolling out new banking initiatives. It is immediate and effective and with two-way messaging enabled, campaigns can be monitored in real-time affording the opportunity to change strategy if need be. Lanstar Technologies’ SMS mobile banking (Xtreme-Connect) solution can be integrated into existing infrastructure or externally managed so no additional personnel are needed.

SMS mobile banking reduces the potential for fraud immediately as fraud and account transaction notifications are sent in real-time empowering customers to take action immediately. Give customers peace of mind around the accuracy and security of their financial transactions through SMS authentication PIN codes and transaction text notifications.

3. Generate Additional Revenue

Use premium-rated SMS to charge for banking transactions and create an additional revenue stream for your financial institution. Commissions and service fees on mobile payments and transfers are another potential income stream. Customers can also purchase goods and services via a mobile banking platform and the mobile number database can be used for cross-selling purposes - particularly time and event related options. This could include insurance packages, discounted holiday packages and premium banking services. Prepaid airtime, electricity vouchers, coupons etc can all be purchased via mobile phone.

4. Customer Retention and Acquisition Campaigns

Offering existing customers an additional, secure, easy to use banking channel is sure to improve the loyalty or 'stickiness' of customers to your brand. It can also act as an attraction point to new customers looking for ease of access and innovative services. There are many practical ways of using SMS text messaging to increase the level of service you offer customers:

Use SMS transaction and fraud alerts to guarantee their level of banking security. Xtreme-Connect allows customers to receive critical information and services via SMS messages. Xtreme-Connect allows your customers to communicate with you via SMS text message and set-up an 'intelligent customer callback service' that negates the need for customers to wait in frustrating phone queues. Run SMS marketing campaigns to attract new customers to your institution; because these campaign results are available immediately, the return on investment is measurable. It allows customers the flexibility and peace of mind to access their bank accounts on the go, receive their balance notifications and perform banking functions. A simple SMS service offering 'point of sale' SMS receipts contributes to customers feeling assured that their money transactions are accurate and secure. Mobile to mobile fund transfers are a very convenient way for customers to make payments.

Just by implementing SMS mobile banking you will effectively enhance the value and reach of your brand and build consumer confidence by offering them customer-centric service. SMS mobile banking becomes a unique tool for not only radically improving customer service but also to generate additional revenue and aid in the prevention of fraud.


The module enables connectivity between FinXtreme SACCO software and the SACCO members’ mobile phone dedicated enquiries giving selected details of their accounts particulars both in back and front office. These functionalities include:

  • Individual Fosa Account Balance
  • Enquiry
  • Individual Bosa Account Balance Enquiry
  • Enquiry of Loan Application Status
  • Salary Credit Notifications
  • Other non cash functions



  • Transfer funds to and from MPESA,ZAP, Yu-cash and other mobile services
  • Perform balance enquiry
  • Receive account status information
  • Make instant loan applications
  • Make utility bill payments e.g. payment of electricity and water bills
  • Receive SMS alerts for special events e.g. guarantor notification


In today’s changing environment, Sacco organisations globally are faced with conflicting challenges; to reduce costs while offering improved Sacco services to member's that expect better and better services. Most Sacco organisations operate using either manual paper based processed or a mix of different technologies and systems that have been developed over a long period of time. Sacco’s therefore need to be able to transform the way they deliver and manage Sacco services by providing innovative solutions based on modern, intuitive, integrated and internet enabled technologies such as, through wireless, mobile, internet or local area connections using the most appropriate access device ( PC, laptop, Tablet PC, PDA, phone). Any solution offered need to exploit the opportunities offered by the latest technological advances to fulfil the urgent needs of Sacco organisations. Our Web interface employs a robust strategy as outlined in the diagram.


Offsite backup, which is also known as remote backup, is the process of backing up important computer data and files to a server or other storage device located in a separate physical location. In our quest to address risk management, we discovered the need to house clients’ data offsite in effort to minimize/eliminate data loss as result of fire, theft, etc.


The project is to enable connectivity between Back end Sacco software and the value added products facilitated by various financial technology providers. - The POS,SMS & Extreme Connect Banking module has been fully developed and certified. - The project enables a Sacco that is running a computerized back end system to have its members be able to withdraw and deposit from there FOSA accounts through Mpesa, Airtel, YU, etc product. - It also enables members to perform queries through SMS and to receive notices through system activated SMS alerts.


Lanstar Technologies Ltd is actively involved with other players in the market, with a view of promoting standards, integration and innovation. Some of our key partners include:


The Kenya Union of Savings and Credit Co-operatives (KUSCCO)

These Bodies have been at the fore front in frequently evaluating our SACCO software alongside other vendors’ in an effort to establish the best fully parameterized and standardized fit off-the-shelf software for SACCOs. This has helped us to implement the most suitable IT solution, provide best user training including continuous investment in skills and resources in order to benefit members affiliates.

Co-operative Bank of Kenya

We have an accredited project with Co-operative Bank of Kenya in the development of a BRIDGE, branded FinBridge that connects the Co-op Bank Transmaster ATM switch with our FinExtreme Sacco Software for the purposes of making general transactions that are initiated by plastic cards (VISA CARDS). The project enables a SACCO that is running on Fine-Xtreme software to have its members withdraw funds from an ATM (Automated Teller Machine). Our FinBridge stands out among other software providers.

Pesa Point Limited

We have an interface between FinExtreme and PesaPoint’s ATM Switch. This Bridge enables members of any Financial Institution using FinExtreme and is/or interested in partnering with PesaPoint make transactions at any PesaPoint’s ATM Switch.

Savings Society Regulator(SASRA)

The Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA) is a semi-autonomous Government Agency. It is a creation of the Sacco Societies Act 2008 and was inaugurated with the prime responsibility to license and supervise Deposit Taking Sacco Societies in Kenya.With the objective of protecting the interests of Sacco members and ensuring that there is confidence in the public towards the Sacco sector and spurring Kenya’s economic growth through the mobilization of domestic savings. A key requirement is to implement a standard software solution that helps in tracking members transactions. Most of our clients operating FOSA have been likened by SASRA.


About Us

Lanstar Shines in ICT Award


Outstanding ICT solutions provider for Sacco and MFI

FOSAs (Front Office Service Activities) in order to maintain sustainable operations. To attract and retain customers SACCOs have to provide suitable bouquet of services efficiently and cost effectively. Today, Kenyans are spoiled for choice with respect to products and service offering especially on the retail and SMEs front where commercial banks and microfinance banks maintain strong presence. This is where technology providers such as Lanstar Technologies have maintained a strategic and symbiotic relationship with its clients to ensure that they meet or exceed customer expectations. This has enabled major SACCO clients rebrand as they roll-out their products and services nationwide.



Besides our core skills in software development, training, consultancy, hardware sales, computer local and wide-area networking, as well as hardware repair and maintenance; the company also provides an extensive range of services comprising system and technical support, solutions-based training, consultancy and project management. By continously investing in manpower, emerging technologies as well as research and development, Lanstar Technologies Ltd has managed to extend its lead in the provision of SMS, ATM and mobile banking technologies.


Our success and market recognition thus far has mainly been fueled by the professionalism of our team, coupled with site-based customer support, conducted by a highly-qualified and customer-oriented team.

Our focused strategy is to carefully understand customers business and build technology solutions that are efficient, reliable and accurate; and also create long-term relationships that are mutually symbiotic.



To Provide our CLIENTS with world class information technology solutions so as to enable them unlock the potential in their respective businesses.

To envision a friendly automated world of simplicity and convenience by adapting world class ICT solutions.



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